Colorful Book Spines


Andrea breathed new life into my manuscript with her developmental edits. After languishing over many drafts I reached a point where there wasn't anything more I could do and I needed the help of an expert editor. I wasn't sure which direction to take my story and felt stuck. Andrea's edits were thoughtful, detailed, and showed a deep understanding of the story I was trying to tell. She helped give me a clear picture of where I could go with my story, and also gave me a renewed inspiration to continue work on my novel. 

Joey Stamp

Fiction Writer

Terri Leidich

President and Publisher

BQB Publishing

 Andrea is a talented editor who is dedicated to helping us produce the very best books possible, as well as a delight to work with. We are blessed to have her as a part of our production team. 

Christine Klatt

CDR Assessment Group, Inc.


Andrea exceeded our expectations. She met our editing project with integrity and accuracy and developed a framework for the author to build upon. She always adjusted quickly to our changing demands and was articulate and informative in her communication. Andrea is a true creative professional.   

Lou Aronica

President and Publisher

The Story Plant

Andrea has been a pleasure to work with. She's professional, timely, and she does very good work. She's part of our regular rotation.

Lisa Clonch Tschauner

Author of Reclamation (2021)

Andrea - you have been a dream to work with and you are an amazing editor. You really pushed me in ways I would have never been able to reach without your guidance. You brought such a nice balance and shine to the work. You also are VERY GOOD at rearranging sections and scenes to make them more impactful in the flow of the story. I really appreciated how accessible you are and the way you hear me out in the process. You make sure that my voice as a writer is prevalent throughout the novel, while still giving characters individuality and respecting the subject matter.