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"I  am a first-time author, and I was very nervous about handing my work off to an editor, but Andrea put me at ease right away. She listened to my goals for the book and really understood the vision I had for the story. She took the time to talk through any questions I had and helped me find clarity through the plot holes that needed to be addressed in my story. I have heard stories from other authors of their editors overstepping it completely disregarding what they wanted for their books, but Andrea handled my story with such care and expertise, that I trusted her feedback completely. I can truly say that my book would not be what it is today without her skilled eye, her patience, and her support. I will be using her again for my future novels and I would recommend her to anyone."

—Melissa Day

Author of The Last Traveler

"I was fortunate enough to have met Andrea Vande Vorde through my publisher, and together we've just completed editing my second book.  To say that working with her has been a pleasure is the understatement of the century.  Andrea's patience and extraordinary attention to detail in carefully readying both of my manuscripts for market will never cease to amaze me.  Andrea treated my book as her personal, painstaking labor of love over every theme clarified. She honed my sometimes-too-harsh New York words to express my meaning while still reflecting my voice.  She took the time for the long conversations needed to tease out the last bits of unresolved issues.  Because of Andrea, I better connected my heart to my readers, and everyone benefitted as a result."

—Naomi Joseph

Author of Binge and Sprint and Conquer Your Binge

"Andrea breathed new life into my manuscript with her developmental edits. After languishing over many drafts I reached a point where there wasn't anything more I could do and I needed the help of an expert editor. I wasn't sure which direction to take my story and felt stuck. Andrea's edits were thoughtful, detailed, and showed a deep understanding of the story I was trying to tell. She helped give me a clear picture of where I could go with my story, and also gave me a renewed inspiration to continue work on my novel."

—Joey Stamp, Fiction Writer

"Andrea - you have been a dream to work with and you are an amazing editor. You really pushed me in ways I would have never been able to reach without your guidance. You brought such a nice balance and shine to the work. You also are VERY GOOD at rearranging sections and scenes to make them more impactful in the flow of the story. I really appreciated how accessible you are and the way you hear me out in the process. You make sure that my voice as a writer is prevalent throughout the novel, while still giving characters individuality and respecting the subject matter."

—Lisa Clonch Tschauner

Author of Reclamation

"Andrea is a talented editor who is dedicated to helping us produce the very best books possible, as well as a delight to work with. We are blessed to have her as a part of our production team."

—Terri Leidich

President and Publisher of BQB Publishing/WriteLife Publishing 

"Andrea exceeded our expectations. She met our editing project with integrity and accuracy and developed a framework for the author to build upon. She always adjusted quickly to our changing demands and was articulate and informative in her communication. Andrea is a true creative professional."

—Christine Klatt, CDR Assessment Group, Inc.



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