These are the typical services I offer when receiving a fiction manuscript, listed from least to most significant. Depending on the needs of the manuscript, I can undergo one, a couple, or even all three stages at once. Typically, I like to know beforehand what type of services you expect from me, but from a look at the manuscript, I can usually tell what is needed. Feel free to contact me, and we can negotiate a fee.




Usually the final stage of editing, proofreading consists of correcting errors in spelling, grammar, and consistencies between names, titles, and places. Edits will be made with Track Changes on a Word doc.



Line Editing

Line editing involves combing through every line of your manuscript and reworking any sentences that disrupt the narrative flow, slow down the reader, or otherwise detract from the reading experience. Edits will be made with Track Changes on a Word doc.



Developmental Editing

Developmental editing (also known as substantive editing) is looking at the big-picture elements such as plot, character development, organization, and world-building. Edits will be made with Track Changes and the Comments feature on a Word doc.